Have a Merry All Christ Christmas 2011!

  This political season I cannot in good conscience support any of the candidates for president.  The Democrats support the commission of the unethical murder for convenience of abortion.  The Republicans support the unethical flat tax rate.  And both parties support violent military involvement throughout the world. 

  It is now time for the nonviolent species of the Homo Sapien Sapien to evolve and reform the political economic systems of the worlds nations.  The most significant element of this species is nonviolent sacrifice on the individual, national, and planetary levels.  The courage  to make such  sacrifice is based on the perspectives on immortality defined in the book on Metaphysics contained in this blog.

  The Homo Sapien Sapien character and constitution (also defined in the book on Metaphysics) involves the pursuit of nonviolence, happiness and serenity on the individual, national and planetary levels.

  The philosophy of the Homo Sapien Sapien species contradicts George W. Bush’s animalistic perspective of the ‘axis of evil’ the ‘us and them’ or ‘enemy’ mentality.  Bush’s attitude flyes in the face of  Jesus, Buddha, and even some of Muhammad’s teachings.  For example Jesus’ taught us to love our neighbor as ourselves and to love and pray for our ‘enemies’ (until they are no longer our enemies). This ethic can include the relationships between nations too.

  The Homo Sapien Sapien spin is that there are no individual or national enemies at all.  Where each individual, nation and planet is of equal importance and each has the right to determine their own Metaphysical, Ethical and Economic destiny as long as that destiny is based on nonviolence, love, tolerance and the acheivment of total humanness.  And further involves nonviolent sacrifice on the individual, national and planerary levels for the good of all.  Nonviolent sacrifice is based on the Homo Sapien Sapien ethic that “it is better to transform than to cause to transform”  and “it is better to endure suffering than to cause suffering.” This too can be applied to national relationships.  

  In the present earth is dominated by national economic ethical systems rather than ethical economic systems.  An ethical economic system is where individual and national welfare and wellbeing are considered wealth and are more important than monetary and power gain. 

  When we consider welfare and wellbeing as the most important economic gain we willingly redistribute monetary wealth (not to punish a few but for the good of all) to a salary cap of 250,000 dollars to 500,000 dollars and redistribute other moneys to the middle and poverty classes. Until we have no economic class distinctions.  One species (the Homo Sapien Sapien species) one social eeconomic class. 

  As the Homo Sapien Sapien species evolves we can eliminate all deffense spending and develop a nonviolent peace force that through voluntary efforts can intervene in the government of violent nations and metamorphize them into nonviolent nations.  This includes the U.S.A., which being one of the freest nations one earth can evolve nonviolently at a fast rate.   

  Other nations such as North Korea, Syria, Egypt and Libya are at a critical juncture in their devlopment.   They can seize this oppurtunity to evolve nonviolently as a people and a nation and contribute to planetary stability and survival.

  Though I no longer believe that our salvation is obtained through Jesus alone.  I do believe that we all are equally responsible for everyones salvation.  Unto that we are each Christ and share in that responsibility.  

  Have a Merry All Christ Christmas Day!

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