North Korea and All Other Nations

No matter who Kim Jong-un or the nation of North Korea harm militaristically or what they do to other nations we had best learn to love them and all other animalistic and violent nations including the USA.

In addition we would also benefit from forgiving, being compassionate toward, being merciful toward, having faith in, and live according to the golden rule with all individuals and nations unto nonviolent self and national sacrifice.  

Based on these civilized emotions and the fact that it is better to transform than to cause another to transform and it is better to endure suffering than to cause another to suffer on the individual and national levels, we as a species attain nonviolent wisdom, knowledge, saneness, and a pro-life guided conscience on all levels of human interaction.

At this juncture of the possibility of war being declared between North Korea and South Korea and the USA and other nations it is time for all individuals and nations to unilaterally disarm and demilitarize and manifest nonviolence involving non-retaliation in the presence of war and maintain humanitarian aid to all nations regardless of their animalistic or nonviolent status.

Regardless of the possibilities of warful holocaust or environmental holocaust we as individuals and as a species still have the other religious experiences beyond life in this realm to look forward to; which is always a positive and optimistic perspective.




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