A Homo Sapien Sapien Response to the Boston Marathon Bombings

As tragic and saddening as the bombing at the Boston Marathon are, putting a bullet in the  head of the perpetrator or going back to an eye for an eye perspective won’t help anyone and is the attitude that brought about this senseless act of violence in the first place.

We must as a people be loving, forgiving and compassionate toward everyone no matter what.

Remember that it is better to endure suffering than to cause it and it is better to transform than to cause another to transform, based on the religious experiences beyond life in this realm including eternal before and after life where each of us chooses our life in totality before living it in this realm.

The victims of this senseless act of violence volunteered to make this nonviolent sacrifice. The only proper way of appreciation of this sacrifice is to become totally nonviolent in our thoughts, feelings and actions and to change the perspectives of hatred and retaliation that led to these and all other acts of violence in the first place.

Now that the authorities have apprehended the second suspect, based on nonviolence we had better incarcerate him for life without potential for rehabilitation not to punish him or achieve retaliation but to protect other potential victims.

Justice is best served through identity interpenetration where the perpetrators of this violent act will directly experience all of the suffering they caused the victims themselves for an infinite number of times each, for an infinite amount of time.

What will it cost anyone to be compassionate rather than hating and punishing others no matter how horrendous their actions?

How will we ever get beyond violence if we continue to solve problems through violent thoughts, emotions and actions?

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1 Response to A Homo Sapien Sapien Response to the Boston Marathon Bombings

  1. Somewhat ephemeral and utopia style reflections. Reality is something altogether different from that portrayed in the above blog; thought provoking nonetheless. Somewhat simplistic premise in the ending question, in terms of our perceived realities. I support non-violence, however believe in Darwinian principles. Keep rockin’ you premise Michael. It could not hurt and is ultimately beneficial in provoking thought.

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