My Personal Response to Jon Anderson

An Exercise of My Personal Dignity and Healing of Negative Karma
Michael Wayne Lewis
This personal essay is in response to your degradation of my personal dignity and that of others in order to deify yourself and your music and the negative karma you and I have manifest in humanity as a result.
I begin with a quote by Gandhi:
“The first principle of non-violent action is that of non-cooperation with everything humiliating.”
If your song collection constitutes a conscious perceptual system then define your terms. Impossible isn’t it?
Can you prove that a direct relationship exists between listening to your music and our short and long term survival as a species and the manifestation of the religious experiences of humanity? I think not.
If your songs are something positive then why do you have to put me down in order to put yourself up? What makes you more important than me? Why did you demean me and treat me harshly when all I did was try to conform to your egotistical preferences but didn’t achieve it to your satisfaction?
You consider or have considered yourself a “God” and R+R (rest and relaxation) music as a religion. Yet, what percentage of the human population on earth listen to your songs and consider you a “God”?
An example is a yogini friend of mine born in 1981 when asked about you said she never heard of you.
When I compose poetry and prose I always reference those I have borrowed from, including you. Why don’t you reference all those you have borrowed from? An example is the concept of “second attention” which you borrowed from Don Juan the teacher of Carlos Castaneda.
If I am a puppet or robot, a being totally predetermined by you and your fellow entertainers, never being able to go beyond you. Compare your song production to my prose production which is published on my blog. You’ll see that I am striving for total nonviolence. Something that you, through your music, never have, do or will achieve.
Another thing I am striving to achieve in my life and my teachings is unconditional love for all people, including you, nations and planets with life on them. You have sung about love but can you prove that your songs involve unconditional love for all, including me? I doubt it. Your form of love is completely conditional on conforming to your egotistical, self- centered and self- delusional preferences. Which isn’t love at all.
It is my hope that the relationship between all the genres of creativity and intelligence will have a win-win, noncompetitive, and non-conflictual state. Music and art etc. should be reserved for children and beyond learning a musical instrument and art classes etc. And for entertainment purposes. Rather than teaching a philosophy or self-promotion of the status of entertainers above others. While science, philosophy, theology and the religious experiences of humanity as knowledge forms help actualize meaningfulness and short and long term survival of all individual life forms.
In the limited past, present and in the short term future violent R+R music has been used by some people, including me, to a limited extent, to filter our personal experience through. We would be better off in the future to filter our experience through nonviolent, accepting, loving and forgiving attitudes expressed in all creative intelligence genres of expression.
In your song collection you attempted to implement a Mobius band into your music, and album and sleeve art. But this was unusable and only meaningful to you and a few entertainers. In my prose book essay, poetry and speech system I have applied the Mobius band model to the cosmos, individuals, and existence, which is meaningful to myself and everyone, including you.
In sharing this personal expression of my personal dignity with you I am not trying to humiliate you like you did me. Rather I am asserting myself and trying to heal the negative karma created by your music and my attempting to conform to it.
It is time for us all to realize that your music etc. is negative, dysfunctional and deeply delusional for you and those who listen to your songs and view them as meaningful in the way you meant them to be. You know I know this from personal experience.
A useful and realistic alternative is my prose book and essay, poetry and speech system and all other systems that are based on nonviolence, and unconditional acceptance, love and forgiveness as a technology for all life forms from all life producing planets to survive and lead meaningful (not humiliating) lives, up to cosmic replication and the manifestation of the religious experiences of all life forms.
You through your songs strived to humiliate me in order to put yourself up. Through the experience of “anyoneness” developed in my book: Metaphysical Awakening of the Homo Sapien Sapien Species Earths Homecoming Phase One Dawn of a New Species, chapter five, you will directly experience the suffering you caused myself and others an infinite number of times each, each for an infinite amount of time. You do not know what your music did to me but you will again and again ad infinitum.
Don’t worry Jon, me, my God, existence, nature, all selves and each self will forgive you for your inhuman treatment of us. Because, we chose our lives in totality before living them. And we will return there after life in this realm has, temporarily ended. Where we will live in eternal love bliss together.
Ultimately, your music is dysfunctional because you had to humiliate at least one person to make it meaningful, that person was me. I can only respond to it by no-longer cooperating with you and your music and by inviting you to visit my blog and read my teachings on nonviolence on all karmic levels and unconditional love for all life forms, all people, all nations and all planets with life on them.

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