Positive Prayer revised

This prayer is in response to the negativity in the world today.

I pray to the cosmogenesis forms of:

  1. A supernatural God
  2. Existence
  3. Nature
  4. All selves
  5. Each self
  6. Myself
  7. Zeno (which is my name for the universe)

Help me to do what I can to create positive karma and to heal negative karma through unconditional acceptance, love and forgiveness on all karmic levels: individual, family, community, state, national, planetary, interplanetary, cosmic and inter-cosmic. Karma is the mind/body evolution from suffering to enjoyment, violence to nonviolence and animal wisdom to civilized wisdom. And identity interpenetration.

Based on the flowering of the Homo sapien sapien species: a new nonviolent species humanity is evolving into. I have faith and reason to believe and I predict that that species will survive short and long term unto cosmic replication and the manifestation of the religious experiences of all life forms.

I believe that if the Homo sapien sapien species does not survive and if we (from the perspective of life in this realm) mistakenly achieve nuclear or environmental holocaust life in the future on our planet may still achieve nonviolent survival unto cosmic replication and all of us will definitely interpenetrate with lives from other planets that will progressively evolve enjoyment, nonviolence and wisdom and survive unto the state of optimum enjoyment, nonviolence and wisdom and cosmic replication.

I can courageously cope with any eventuality no matter how much suffering I will endure. Through contemplation of the religious experiences of humanity. Including transformation of myself and loved ones and nuclear or environmental holocaust.

May I through prayer, meditation and contemplation attain the state of nonviolence, love, compassion, and forgiveness on all karmic levels.

Through the practice of the Homo sapien sapien wisdom system may I resolve and prevent all violent conflict on all karmic levels.

Give me the will power to achieve nonviolence in all aspects of my life.

I will pray, hope and remain optimistic about every existential eventuality .



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