Cosmic Life Form Cosmic Technology

Appendix Number Eleven Edited

Cosmic Life Form and Cosmic Technology

At an ultimate time in the future, at the end of our Cosmos, life forms and species of life alive at that time in order to survive short and long term will need to recreate our Cosmos.

This being the case the Cosmos is a life form that in order to perpetuate life and itself must replicate itself.

The answer as to how this can be achieved came to me in a dream.

“How does life and the Cosmos replicate itself?”

We can replicate the Cosmos by weaving together the super-massive black holes found at the center of all galaxies creating what I call a “cosmic black hole.”

The Universe would then feed into it.

The Cosmos would enter into the cosmic black hole and come out the “other side” through a “cosmic white hole.” Thereby manifesting a new Big Bang and an identical Universe to what existed here.

Existence then would oscillate between the cosmic Big Bang and the cosmic black hole ad infinitum.

This leads to the cosmic question—like—“which came first the chicken or the egg?” “Which came first the cosmic Big Bang or the cosmic black hole?”


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