Darwin’s Legacy

Darwin’s Legacy

Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection is one of the most beautiful and elegant scientific theories that exists. It shows that those species best able to adapt to a changing environment are the ones fittest to survive. At this point not the strongest and the swiftest but the most creative and intelligent.  On top of the list is the Homo sapien species. However we have come to a juncture in environmental change involving military and environmental issues.   Change that requires us to evolve further. That species is what I call the Homo sapien sapien species which involves actualizing or using the full potential of the mind and brain of our species.

This wise wise species is a nonviolent species that deliberately adapts its own wisdom system in order to survive. This species is its own best technology for survival involving unconditional acceptance, love and forgiveness of every individual and nation no matter what their misdeeds. Where we offer nonviolent sacrifice in order to avoid military and environmental holocaust and to survive short and long term.

Our ultimate goal is for our species and life from our planet to survive to the end of our cosmos and achieve cosmic replication or what I call supernatural selection where life and the cosmos enact their own short and long term survival, infinitely.

Due to this cosmic interrelationship we alive today and all our ancestors and descendants are cosmogenesis participants.

Darwin’s theory of evolution tells us not only about how we came to be as the Homo sapien species but also what we can be as the Homo sapien sapien species as we adapt further to our ever-changing environment both external and internal.

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