The Religious Experience of Transcendence

My Personal Experience of Transcendence


  1. I do not exist, I do not not exist
  2. I am forever now
  3. I breath, mantrate, and am empty forever now
  4. I transcend the fluctuations between enjoyment and suffering and unachieve real bliss
  5. I unachieve a state of serenity, peace of mind/brain, and peace of planet
  6. I am Om forever now
  7. Om is every who, what, when, where, why and how in the present, forever now
  8. Om is the immediate unexperience of immediate experience


The ethical component of the experience of transcendence

I love every one equally.

I offer my ‘life’ for the betterment of anyone and everyone.  Inherent in the unexperience of transcendence is a state of courage to make this ‘sacrifice’.


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