Issue Number Three

Issue Number Three

What a Homo Sapien Sapien Believes

The Homo sapein sapien is a new nonviolent species humanity is evolving into.

The rule of love and compassion in the workings and fate of the universe.

The structural function of the Homo sapien sapien species in replicating the universe.

Unconditional acceptance, love and forgiveness on all karmic levels: individual, family, community, state, nation, planetary and cosmic.

Disarmament and demilitarization on all karmic levels.

Nonviolent sacrifice on all karmic levels.

The integration of science, philosophy and theology as complimentary and interdependent knowledge forms.

The integration of the religious experiences of life in this realm, transfinity of life in this realm, reincarnation, salvation meditation and their integration in omniscience

Life, species of life, life forms and the life formations or religious experiences taken together alone are sacred. No person above others or deities are sacred.


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