On Forgiveness

What is the difference—ethically—between condemning someone in the afterlife and condemning someone in this life? We would be best to unconditionally accept love and forgive everyone both in this life and the before after life.

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1 Response to On Forgiveness

  1. crossroman says:

    Perceived to be ethical or not, it is the reality that matters. God’s judgement is on all people whether they be in this life or enter the next. The difference is that in this life they have the opportunity to change, before they enter the next. Interestingly, the same condemnation that is on people is the very thing that releases them from it when they admit that such condemnation is just, and accept God’s unconditional provision (forgiveness) of them by joining with the one who has accepted them and also taken that condemnation on their behalf. If people refuse to accept unconditional love (which is what forgiveness is) in this life they will not be in a position to accept it in the next, they will not then be in a position that allows them to accept the nature of love within themselves, which is what the issue is, that they do not already have that position of love. The definition of love is that which is the opposite to all that is un-love, and the go/no-go of that can be seen in what God has expressed as right and wrong. People can be loved but that does not necessarily include accepting what they do, and if circumstances arise which bring what they do or are doing to light, then also brought to light may be the condemnation they are under. (Apologies if I misunderstood the question).

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