A Nonviolent Response to Syrian and American Violence

A Nonviolent Response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s Chemical Weapons Attack Against His Own People and President Donald Trump’s Response to That

Both of these President’s acted out of ignorance, delusion and a misguided conscience. Both need to be educated about nonviolence and gain knowledge, sanity and a nonviolent conscience.  The most important task of any political leader on our planet today is to evolve nonviolently into the Homo sapien sapien species a new nonviolent species humanity is evolving into. And unconditionally accept, love and forgive every individual and nation. This involves immediate unilateral disarmament and demilitarization and no economic sanctions toward any and all nations. Where the U.S.A. and any other nation acts as a role model of nonviolence for every other nation. This evolution will bring about peace of mind for all individual and world peace for all nations.


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