Happy Easter 2017


In celebration of Jesus’s sacrifice and teachings let us appreciate his nonviolent sacrifice on the cross. Though his teachings are not all nonviolent we can learn many positive things from the nonviolent aspects of his teachings. The most important his life model of the resurrection; which involves his descent from heaven and his ascent into heaven. Which everyone else does too.

In Christianity there are two forms of resurrection. The first being eternal recurrence of our universe, we individuals and our existence form.  Where the cosmos, we individuals and existence form have occurred, are occurring and will reoccur an infinite number or times the same way. Meaning: we are all “immortal god beings”, we are each a law and force of nature in and of ourselves, and each of us is worth the universe.

The second form of resurrection is salvation or eternal life before and after life in this realm. Where our total life or soul exists in total love bliss with the souls of everyone we’ve touched lives with in this realm. And we choose our lives before living them, involving Jesus descent and ascent as well as each of us and universal, unconditional salvation or salvation for everyone.

Both these forms of resurrection are valid religious experiences for everyone regardless of our differences: species, age, gender, handicap, skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, political orientation, personal history, etc.

Easter is a time for celebrating and reflection on the resurrection of Jesus and everyone, and to contemplate it as a daily practice in our lives.

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