Transfigurational Attitudes are the attitudes that are required for heaven to exist. And for our species and life to survive short and long term in the earth realm.

This involves our evolution from the old heaven and earth of conditional acceptance, love and forgiveness and eternal damnation of some and warful violent conflict on all on all karmic levels of the individual, family, community, state, nation, planetary, interplanetary and cosmic. To the new heaven and earth of unconditional acceptance, love and forgiveness or universal transfiguration and peace on earth on all karmic levels.

These attitudes include:

Forgiveness rather than violent judgement

Compassion rather than vengeance

Mercy rather than anger

Love rather than hatred

Faith rather than fear

Living according to the golden rule:” do unto others as you would have others do unto you”; on all karmic levels, rather than living according to the animal rule.

Nonviolent sacrifice on all karmic levels

To apprehend terrorists and criminals use nonlethal weapons and imprison them not to punish them but to protect other potential victims from them  with the awareness of existential  justice where each of us is each of us  and eternal life  before and  after life in this realm.  And educate them in nonviolence. Examples of those who should be incarcerated are members and supporters of Isis.

We had best meet violence in any form with nonviolence, hatred with love and fear with faith in the religious experiences of all life forms.  To be described later.

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