A nonviolent response to the Las Vegas massacre


Stephen Paddock the perpetrator of the Las Vegas massacre who murdered 59 people and wounded 527 more was a Homo sapien at its worst. This was a horrific act. Yet we much meet this violence and hatred with unconditional acceptance love and forgiveness of Paddock and with the realization that he acted out of ignorance, delusion   and with a violent and misguided conscience.

With the religious experience of eternal recurrence or transfinity involving long term survival of the universe and all life forms we must unconditionally accept love and forgive Paddock and his actions. Because longest term we must replicate the universe in order to survive .

With the religious experience of “radical reincarnation” or identity interpenetration he will directly experience all the suffering he caused each victim an infinite number of times each and each victim will directly experience his identity an infinite number of times.

With the religious experience of universal transfiguration Paddock and his victims chose their lives before living them in heaven and in the eternal before after life they exist in total love bliss with each other and everyone they’ve touched lives with in this realm.

To overcome and eliminate such violence we must as Homo sapiens evolve into a new nonviolent species an example of which is the Homo sapien sapien species.

We must also in response to his violence  teach love and compassion on all karmic levels of the individual, family, community, state, nation, planetary, interplanetary  and cosmic.

Karmic evolution is the evolution of our species learning. It involves evolving from more suffering and less enjoyment to less suffering and more enjoyment, violence to nonviolence and animalistic wisdom to civilized wisdom. Each of us has our own unique karmic lesson plan to contribute to our collective learning. One lesson to be learned here is to not behave violently like Paddock but to act nonviolently and to unconditionally accept love and forgive Paddock and other such perpetrators of violence anywhere in the world in the past present and future.  And the early education of nonviolence to our children from day one evolves karma positively and prevents such violence in the future.

Based upon all the suffering involved in this massacre and all other such events please dedicate your life to the cause of nonviolence  and sacrifice an early end to this life nonviolently to accomplish the end of war, genocide, terrorism, homicide and suicide anywhere on earth!



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