Evolving Away form the Mentality of Violence

Evolving Away from the Mentality Involved in All Acts of Violence and Militarism on any Level

“We cannot solve the problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. Einstein

Where we’re at now involves the attitudes, actions and belief systems that people and nations for whatever reason deserve to die and receive eternal damnation because they disagree with us politically and or religiously.

Sayfullo Saipov who murdered eight people and injured twelve others in New York holds the belief that the God he believes in is great and mandates that those he disagrees with should die and be damned for eternity. He also stated that he is proud of this act of violence.

We had best meet this anger and hatred with unconditional acceptance, love, forgiveness and compassion towards every perpetrator of violence anywhere in the world and towards all animalistic attitudes and actions and belief systems.

“We must become the change we want to see in the world”. Gandhi

If we want to survive short, intermediate and long term and create personal and planetary peace we had best embrace nonviolence and nonviolent sacrifice on all levels of human interaction.

Gandhi’s ethical concept of ahimsa or non-harming is the corner stone of my philosophy of life. This is my version intermingled with his version. “Ahimsa [nonviolence] is not the way of the timid or cowardly. It is the way of the brave ready to face death [early transformation of life in this realm](leave life in this realm to experience the other religious experiences   of all life forms). He/she who perishes (transforms) sword in hand is no doubt brave, but he/she who faces death (early transformation of life in this realm) without raising his/her little finger or without flinching is braver”.

If we as a species embraced this way of life violence and war would exist no more.

Another quote from Gandhi: “it is easy to be friendly to ones friends. But to befriend the one who considers his or herself as your enemy is the quintessence of true religion”.

To practice a loving religion means that we had best unconditionally accept, love and forgive and teach nonviolence to those who consider themselves as our enemy from terrorists to Kim Jung-un, Putin and Trump.

There is no reason to hate or fear the perpetrators of hatred, fear and violence in the world on whatever karmic level. Intermediate term love faith and compassion will overcome hatred fear and violence. The Homo sapien sapien species will thrive and life from our planet will survive unto cosmic replication and the religious experiences of all life forms will be manifest.

Ultimately and intimately if we are to survive short, intermediate and long term we must evolve nonviolently if we don’t we won’t survive. If we don’t survive life’s experiment on earth will take a different course from the supremacy of humans.



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