Overcoming hatred and violence

Overcoming hatred and violence

Another mass killing this time in Florida leaving 17 transformed leads to the question can we overcome hatred and violence? I believe we can but it will involve very hard spiritual work on changing our cognition’s, emotions, dreams, fantasies, speech, behavior and belief systems as well as our psyches, cultures, societies, histories and future stories.

To start with we had better unconditionally accept, love and forgive and act nonviolently towards the best and worst in the homo sapien species.

We also had best not act on our violent dispositions. An example is myself. I have many violent thoughts each day yet I don’t act on them because I know they are dysfunctional and won’t bring about my goal of evolving nonviolently. This may involve incongruence between my thoughts and actions but is better than acting on them and one is responsible to seek psychiatric and therapeutic help dealing with issues of personal anger and violence.

We had best eliminate all unnecessary competition from our lives and that of our children’s lives using win win games in scholastic and athletic endeavors. Which will eliminate, anger, hatred, violence and bullying. The only remnants of competition being a mate for life and a career or profession.

Educating every adult and child in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy. REBT is a form of psychotherapy developed by Albert Ellis Ph.D. Though I don’t agree with all of his philosophy I do recommend his works as valuable in eliminating anger, hatred and violence.

REBT Practice of Dr. Albert Ellis:

The strength to tolerate adversities

Unconditional self-acceptance

Unconditional acceptance of others

Unconditional acceptance of reality

High tolerance of frustration

A balance between short and long term hedonism

Think, feel, and behave in terms of goals and preferences

Not think in terms of shoulds, ought’s or musts

Don’t awfulize

Other practices that aid in the elimination of hatred and violence: meditation, prayer, contemplation, physical exercise and healthy eating habits.

Education in the nonviolent Homo sapien sapien species a new nonviolent species we are evolving into, its wisdom system and the religion of that species Pangnosis. More about the Homo sapien sapien species can be found on my blog at nonviolencenow.com

And nonviolent sacrifice as opposed to violent sacrifice on all karmic levels, the individual, family, community, state, nation, planet, interplanetary and cosmic.

We also had better eliminate anger and violence from media and entertainment industries.

Challenge violent tendencies that are genetically and biologically caused, taught by family, school and cultures. And on the level of the individual keeping it alive through personal will in the here and now.

Rewrite our national constitutions in terms of nonviolence and the Homo sapien sapien species.

Evolve the nonviolent Homo sapien sapien species and benefit thereby.

Disarm and demilitarize on the individual, national and planetary levels.

Nonviolent incarceration, existential justice, and universal transfiguration.

We do not incarcerate individuals to punish them but to unconditionally accept, love and forgive them and teach them in the way of nonviolence. Justice is in the form of identity interpenetration where each of us is each of us, such that any perpetrator of violence will directly experience the suffering they cause by being their victims and if transfinite do so an infinite number of times each.

Universal transfiguration is where each of us has eternal life before and after life in this realm. Where we choose our life in its entirety before living it, we assume that our mission in life is to evolve nonviolently. And we exist in total love bliss with everyone we’ve touched lives with in this realm.

The cosmos cares for us because we care for the cosmos and ourselves through the enactment of the religious experiences regardless of the differences between us: species, age, gender, skin color, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, political orientation, and personal history. More on the religious experiences can be found on my blog.

Love is the strongest force in the universe stronger than hatred and violence on all karmic levels.

It will enable us to survive short and long term, find meaning in our lives in the present unto cosmic replication and the manifestation of the religious experiences of life in this realm, transfinity of life in this realm, transmigration, transfiguration and omniscience where all religious experiences are equally important and each of us will experience everything there is to experience from our own unique perspective. Including all the joys and sufferings of everyone.







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