Homo sapien sapien stance on abortion law in Iowa

Homo sapien sapien stance on abortion law in Iowa

The fetal heart beat law doesn’t go far enough to protect life. Life begins at conception yet death with dignity should be legal.

Reproductive rights does not mean freedom to have unprotected sex and getting pregnant  without the responsibility to give a child birth and  nurture them throughout  life.

If both sex partners used condoms or other means of protection abortion would not be an issue.  With education  in contraception and distribution of contraceptive methods by Planned Parenthood we can decrease or eliminate the need for unethical abortion.

If a woman would sacrifice her life for her born child why not make the same sacrifice for an in womb life form.

The only exception to the ban on abortion are when an in womb child cannot survive after birth then a death with dignity abortion should be allowed. Another is when a child experiences incest rape or rape unless the child is old enough to safely give birth then the child should give birth put the baby up for adoption and receive psychotherapy.

Murdering a child in womb is just as criminal as murdering a child that has been born.

With the abortion issue like all others we do not damn or punish women and physicians who commit abortion rather we unconditionally accept, love and forgive them and be compassionate towards them and teach them the ways of nonviolence and nonviolent sacrifice for the unborn child so that they cease such violent behavior.

It is time that we rewrite the constitutions of all nations in term of nonviolence and unconditional acceptance, love and forgiveness towards any individual including in womb life and all nations.

In conclusion it doesn’t do any good to believe life is sacred if we don’t care for our children after they are born. I may agree with the Republicans position about the sanctity of life but I don’t agree with their political agenda that takes care of the top 1 % wealthy at the expense of the children living in poverty and the shrinking middle class.

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