Oath of a Planetary Patriot

Oath of a planetary patriot

To develop a global civilized civilization

I as a citizen of this cosmos and a patriot of the planet earth

From moment to moment day to day and throughout my life time

Do dedicate myself and my life to

The health and well-being of the local to global ecosystems of earth

All life forms and species of life

And that of the human family unit and individuals

In the form of nonviolent sacrifice on all karmic levels of the individual, family, community, state, nation planet, interplanetary and cosmic

Through the practice of the human rituals of individual and group prayer, meditation, contemplation, physical exercise and healthy eating habits

And a global nonviolent Crusade and a global nonviolent Jihad where I am of this planet before I am of any individual nation

Do manifest the Homos sapien  sapien species  and its religion Pangnosis

And unconditional acceptance, love, forgiveness and compassion towards all life forms, species of life and all individual humans.


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