July 4th 2019

July 4th 2019

On this Independence Day I am reflecting on what my freedoms and responsibilities mean to me and our descendants. What am I willing to sacrifice to ensure our legacy of freedoms to our children’s children and beyond and their lives and positive quality of life?

I am not willing to sacrifice my life for a violent cause but I am willing to sacrifice my life for a nonviolent cause.

At this critical juncture in our evolution as a species where we can potentially be extinguished through global militaristic and/or ecological holocaust our species needs to recompose our personal character’s and rewrite our state and national constitutions in terms of nonviolence and nonviolent sacrifice on all levels of karmic evolution: individual, family, community, state, national, planetary, interplanetary   and cosmic.

This begins with the belief that life, all life forms, all species of life and their quality of life as well as the religious experiences of life in this realm, transfinity of life in this realm, transmigration, transfiguration, transcendence and omniscience where all the formerly mentioned religious experiences are complimentary, interdependent and equally meaningful and each of us experiences everything there is to experience from our own unique perspective, are sacred.

Examples are that abortion is unethical yet death with dignity is ethical, disarmament and demilitarization on the individual and national levels, and ecological management with an ecosystems bill of rights.

Our future as life on this planet and the continued survival short and long term as a species cannot be assured through continued violence. Only a path of nonviolence can assure our survival and quality of life for our descendants. This requires nonviolent suffering on our part in the present for a positive quality of life in the future or short term pain for long term gain. This is our nonviolent legacy for our descendants. We cannot be selfish with our lives and belief in the religious experiences of all life forms allows us to nonviolently sacrifice our lives without fear.

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