About Michael Wayne Lewis

About Michael Wayne Lewis

  Shortly after the 9-11 tragedy in America Michael Lewis served on the American Friends Service Committee for three years and took part in many anti-war protests because he believes like many others that nonviolence is the only path by which humanity and life from our planet can survive.

  In the late 80’s and early 90’s he and Alice B. represented NAMI in speaking about mind/brain illnesses at such places asSimpsonCollegeand Grandview School of Nursing. His mind/brain illness is ‘paranoid schizophrenia’.

  In the 90’s he headed up the Speakers Bureau at theRAINBOWCenter[now Passageway] and spoke to many groups on the subject of mind/brain illnesses and the clubhouse and its model.

  He also toured inIowaandMissouriwith the ‘Central Iowa Players’ also known as the ‘Stigma Busters’, an improvisational comedy group that educated people about mind/brain illness, in a primarily humorous manner.

  He wrote a piece that was used in ‘Voices’ a play that was a collaboration of 23 members of Passageway that gave voice to their experiences with mind/brain illnesses. Tom P. wrote and directed the play that was originally produced inDes MoinesIowa, in December of 2004.

  He practices his own form of prayer, meditation and contemplation and is trained in the TM technique and has practiced briefly Quigong, Tai Chi and Hatha Yoga.

 In the process of his personal development he has integrated science, philosophy and religion as equally meaningful truth orientations and the religious orientations of life in this realm, eternal return, reincarnation/karma, eternal before and after life/salvation, meditation/transcendence and omniscience as complimentary and interdependent religious experiences.

  He has successfully experimented on himself by applying the various religious experiences in his life and practices prayer, meditation, contemplation and physical exercise. As a result he has become more nonviolent and civilized.  However he still struggles with the issues of violent anger and over eating. 

  He is the first individual to apply the mobius band from geometry to the cosmos.  And is the first person to give the universe a personal name ‘Zeno’.

  Through his efforts and based on his book ‘Metaphysical Awakening’ he is the first Homo sapien sapien in training and is evolving from being a Homo sapien to a more nonviolent and civilized species the Homo sapien sapien species.

  Finally, Michael has shared his belief system with many others and has received primarily positive feedback on his perspective and plans to teach his worldview after his book on Metaphysics is published on a blog. He will develop a degree program for people who want to learn about and teach his wisdom system and aid others in developing their own wisdom perspective.

4 Responses to About Michael Wayne Lewis

  1. Terry Crane says:

    You are indeed a busy person, one who beliewves strongly in his principles and is willing to stand up for them. Good for you!!

  2. Phoebe Bubendorfer says:

    Michael – thank you for sharing this. You are obviously a very spiritual person, and I wish you success in your journey to becoming an enlightened, loving, and peace-full being.

  3. phoebe says:

    Michael, I wish for you a smooth transition to becoming what you obviously strive for – a loving, non-violent homo sapiens sapiens.


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