Adaptation of a Meditation at a Unitarian Universalist Service

Adaptation of a Meditation by Reverend Jim Eller Date of Service March 25th, 2012 11:00 A.M.


  1. We are aware of who we are.

We facilitate the unfolding of the Cosmos up to its replication.

We are equal as life forms in membership in a local, global and cosmic ecosystem.

We manifest as the religious experiences of all life forms regardless of species, gender, age, skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political orientation, personal history, etc.


  1. We strive towards the actualization of every individual and nation.

We exercise the positive meaning of all life forms short and long term.

We have developed pangnosis and a wise wise belief system.

Everyone is equally omniscient.


  1. We have achieved unconditional acceptance (Albert Ellis),love and forgiveness for all people and all nations based on the religious experiences of humanity and all life forms.

We ask for forgiveness of everyone and every nation.

We will be remembered, forever, in the mind of God, or as member of a spontaneously occurring Universe, a perpetually occurring Universe, or a Universe that we life forms replicate.

We ask for the bravery, strength, and courage to evolve towards total nonviolence on the individual, national and planetary levels.


  1. We join with the earth, the solar system, galaxy, the Cosmos and all of Reality.

We interpenetrate with all life forms identities in the form of the religious experience of anyoneness to appreciate equally all elements of our local, global and cosmic ecosystem.


  1. We again join in the appreciation of life’s journey.

We will again teach about the meaningfulness of all levels of the environment.

We will again teach about the meaningfulness of the life formations of life in this realm, transfinity, transmigration, transfiguration, transcendence, and omniscience.

We will discern the animal and civil aspects of our teachings throughout the past and present and apply them appropriately.


  1. We are a part of the interdependent and interpenetrating web of all existence which facilitate and actualize us with great and ever evolving health, wealth and abundance. This is a great blessing. We are grateful for the past, present, and future and all the meaning they manifest.