Nonviolent Activism

Nonviolent Activism

Hello my name is Michael Wayne Lewis. I am the first Homo sapien sapien in training. The Homo sapien sapien species   is a new nonviolent species humanity is evolving into.

If you are looking for a cause beyond yourself to dedicate yourself to or to sacrifice your life for or to improve the condition of life on our planet  do it for a nonviolent cause rather than a violent one.

I will quote Gandhi a few times:

“It is easy to be friendly to ones friends. But to befriend the one who regards himself as your enemy is the quintessence of true religion.”

Gandhi’s ethical concept of ahimsa or non-harming is the corner stone of my philosophy of life. This is my version intermingled with his version. “Ahimsa [nonviolence] is not the way of the timid or cowardly. It is the way of the brave ready to face death [early transformation of life in this realm](leave life in this realm to experience the other religious experiences   of all life forms). He/she who perishes (transforms) sword in hand is no doubt brave, but he/she who faces death (early transformation of life in this realm) without raising his/her little finger or without flinching is braver.”   .”  If all of us became members of an ahimsa force or Homo sapien sapien in training personal and world peace would be achieved.

Such bravery is based on the belief in the religious experiences of all life forms to be dealt with later.

Gandhi further states :

”There are many causes I would die for. There is not a single cause I would kill for.”

In order to nonviolently sacrifice my life I ask  God, existence, nature, all selves, each self, myself, Zeno [my name for the universe] please give me the strength and courage to nonviolently sacrifice early transformation of  my life in this realm for:

All of my family members

Teaching and manifesting nonviolence throughout the world

Stopping proliferation of nuclear weapons and energy

Not using peoples of different colors as stress release objects

Not using women or men as sex objects

Equal rights for gay’s lesbians and transgender people

Teaching love and compassion on all karmic levels of the individual, family, community, state, nation, planetary, interplanetary and cosmic.

Karmic evolution is the evolution of our species learning. It involves evolving from more suffering and less enjoyment to less suffering and more enjoyment, violence to nonviolence and animalistic wisdom to civilized wisdom. Each of us has our own unique karmic lesson plan to contribute to our collective learning. And the early education of nonviolence to our children from day one evolves karma positively.

More issues I would nonviolently sacrifice my life for:

Cultural diffusion of the Homo sapien sapien species world wide

Basic human rights for all individuals

Freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly and petition etc. from the USA constitution

The end of war, genocide, terrorism, homicide, suicide

The end of hatred, anger, depression, fear etc.

The right to life and death with dignity

An example of a nonviolent response to violence in my life is one evening I was working as a clerk at a convenience store. I refused to sell something to a customer and two other men for a prior incident with the man.  As I was going outside to clean the parking lot he threw a fountain drink at the back of my head. Being cognizant that there was three of them and one of me I swung a broom hitting the man on the jaw. At that moment I had an epiphany I realized that we were brothers in heaven and tried to embrace him with compassion. He knocked me down to the ground while another man kicked me in the ribs.

In the present I unconditionally accept love and forgive them and myself for this violent incident. And I hope that all of us will experience eternal before and after life as well as life in this realm and the other religious experiences of all life forms and apply them in our moral interaction with ourselves and others.

What a Homo sapien sapien does:

Unconditional acceptance, love and forgiveness on all karmic levels

Evolves nonviolently

Nonviolent sacrifice on the individual and national levels

Positive karmic evolution

FSSF: functional structure is where the universe occurs transfinitely , and the religious experiences are  manifest. Structural function is our cosmic destiny is to structure the universe to perpetuate the universe and manifest the religious experiences

The goals of the practicing Homo sapien sapien :

Short term survival at this critical juncture in our evolution as a species to avert global militaristic and/or ecological holocaust, and to evolve from a violent species to a nonviolent one, intermediate term survival of the exploration of the universe and figuring out how to replicate the cosmos and manifest the religious experiences of all life forms, and long term survival of our species and life from our planet to replicating the cosmos and manifesting the religious experiences of all life forms.

Those experiences include: life in this realm; eternal recurrence or transfinity of life in this realm where the universe, we individuals  and our existence form has,  does and  will occur an infinite number of times the same way such that each of us is an immortal god being, each of us is a law and force of nature in and of ourselves, and each of us is worth the universe; transmigration where each of us is each of us in identity interchange and each person experiences all the joys and sufferings of each person, a corollary of which is all black people are all white people and all white people are all black people and all men are all women and all women are all men; transmigration continued in the experience of “everyoneness” or “everyone at once” where our egos evaporate into “total oneness”; transfiguration where we each have eternal life before and after life in this realm and that we choose our lives before living them, and we exist in total love bliss with everyone we’ve touched lives with in this realm; transcendence where each of us is a breath forever now, the mantra Om forever now and neither this nor that forever now; and omniscience where each of these religious experiences is complimentary, interdependent  and equally important and each of us will experience everything there is to experience from our own unique perspective.

Further goals of the Homo sapien sapien species:

Cosmic replication and the manifestation of the religious experiences of all life forms

Cultural diffusion of the Homo sapien sapien species world-wide

Twelve action steps of a practicing Homo sapien spaien

Dedicate yourself to nonviolence and the evolution of the Homo sapien sapien species

Study my blog and my blog published book Metaphysical Awakening of the Homo Sapien Sapien Species Earths Homecoming Phase One Dawn of a New Species at

Practice the nonviolent rituals of total humanness: individual and group prayer, meditation, contemplation, physical exercise and healthy eating habits

Abstain from violence and not murder others or oneself and not harm other life forms or the local to global ecosystems

Practice equal meaningfulness of all individuals and nations and where each individual and nation is equally important and where each of us and each nation is a nonviolent role model for every other individual and nation

The only way to cope with the hatred and violence on all karmic levels is to evolve nonviolently as a species into the Homo sapien sapien species   involving immediate disarmament and demilitarization of all nations as well as unconditional acceptance, love and forgiveness toward anyone and any nation or any terrorist group that perpetrates violence anywhere in the world! And the early education of nonviolence to our children from day one is our best manner of coping with and eliminating violence from our lives

Be critical of individuals and nations but not condemn them or punish them for misdeeds. Do not punish or damn terrorists, violent leaders or violent religious practitioners rather incarcerate them to educate them in nonviolent philosophy and action and unconditionally accept, love and forgive them

Unilateral disarmament and demilitarization of all individuals and nations

Don’t torture or damn anyone for committing acts of violence against anyone or nation. Rather imprison them to educate them in the ways of nonviolence. Or unconditionally acceptance, love and forgive them. And do not exercise economic sanctions or militaristic intervention against any nation

Practice belief in all the religious experiences

Heal negative karma and manifest positive karmic evolution

Leave behind the perfectionistic, prophetic, mythical, miraculous and violent aspects of various religions of the past and actualize the accepting, compassionate, loving and forgiving aspects of various religions of the past. Including Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianly, Islam, Humanism and Atheism

In response develop your own religion based on nonviolence on all karmic levels

If you are searching for something to devote your life to or sacrifice your life for please don’t waste your life on violent perspectives and actions rather devote yourself to a nonviolent path. One method to do this is study my blog and evolve yourself into a practicing Homo sapien sapien. Everyone will appreciate this nonviolent effort including all life forms and species of life of our planet earth.

Michael Lewis

PO Box 3041 Des Moines, IA 50316