Transfigurational Attitudes On the National Level

Transfigurational Attitudes on the National Level

By: Michael Wayne Lewis 

1. Forgiveness: To cease to feel angry towards, to give up the desire to punish or damn other nations Gods, citizenry, and governments, on the part of ones nation’s God, citizenry, and government. No nation will interact with any other nation from ‘an eye for an eye’ perspective rather they will interact in terms of the ‘love other nations as you love your own nation’ perspective

2. Compassion: Deep sympathy on the part of ones nation’s God, citizenry, and government for all other nations God, citizenry, and governments with a collective desire to help and care for other nations regardless of how their nations God, citizenry, and government treats ones national God, citizenry, and government. This compassion is based upon the belief in the collective experience of identity interpenetration, and the collective experience of eternal before and after life. 

3. Mercy: Refraining from harming, damning, and punishing on the part of a nation’s God, citizenry, and government those national God, citizenries, and governments which commit acts of war or terrorism against their own God, citizenry, and government and/or ones national God, citizenry, and government; being kind towards ones national ‘enemies’ [unto national nonviolent sacrifice] though there are no real national ‘enemies’—all nations are equal members of the same global community.

4. Love: Devoted affection and benevolence on the part of ones national God, citizenry, and government for every national God, citizenry, and government on our planet including all nations’ Gods, citizenry, and governments on all planets in all life producing realities. This collective love is based on unconditional acceptance of ones own nation and other nations, unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, and unconditional positive regard of every nation on every planet. 

5. Faith: A feeling of trust and reliance on the part of ones national citizenry, and government in the forgiveness, compassion, mercy, and love of all nations Gods, citizenry, and governments on our planet, and universal transfiguration in the form of the collective eternal before/after life experience [this can also include the other collective immortality experiences of 1) eternal return/transfinity where ones nation has, does, and will occur an infinite number of times the same way; 2) reincarnation/transmigration where anyones nation is anyones nation or each nation is each nation; and each nation is everyone at once; 3) meditation/transcendence where one is a breath, a mantra, neither this nor that; and 4) omniscience where all nations are complimenatey and interdependent life collectives and where every nation is of equal importance] and that no existential harm or damnation of any nation will occur—instead all nations on all planets will achieve the collective transfiguration experience.

6. Golden Rule: Ones national citizenry treats other national citizenries as they would have other national citizenries treat ones national citizenries even unto the nonviolent sacrifice of ones national citizenry in order to teach and manifest international nonviolence now on our planet.

7. It is better for any nation to sacrifice itself for a nonviolent cause than a violent one.

8. It is better to endure collective suffering on the part of a nation rather than to cause collective suffering for another nation.

9. It is better for a nation to collectively transform than to cause another nation to collectively transform given the variety of forms of immortality.

10. I and all national citizens will love collectively all national citizenries as we love our own national citizenry.

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