On Punishment and “Radical Reincarnation”

Any form of punishment of any human being is cruel and unusual. Instead of punishing an individual we would be better of educating them in the path of nonviolence. Existential justice is achieved thru “radical reincarnation” where all minds transmigrate to all bodies and all bodies contain all minds with the experience of “anyoneness” where each of us is each of us. Where I will directly experience all the joys and sufferings I help cause in another’s life and where each of us experiences all the joys and sufferings in my life.  And where everyone will experience all your joys and sufferings. And you will experience everyone’s joys and sufferings.

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1 Response to On Punishment and “Radical Reincarnation”

  1. akima tendo says:

    Nonviolence, avoiding aggression, and nonsinning, avoiding harm to others, in a given Mortal Life are key to Reincarnation in a better Mortal Life – or being Raised out of the Cycle of Death and Rebirth into Heaven as a Kami (God) or Megami (Goddess) Deity or Spirit. Blessings of Buddha, Tao, Kami, and Megami from this humble little Japanese American Shamaness and future Spirit.

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