Supreme Being Number One



On the Supreme Being Number One


Michael Wayne Lewis

On the Supreme Being as the creator of our universe and possibly others. In this essay I would like to change perspectives on the manner in which the Supreme Beings or cosmogenesis forms have been considered in the past, instead of trying to prove that the cosmos, individuals, and existence manifest in a single manner to the exclusion of all others. It is more truthful and intellectually honest to consider a range of possible creation schemes beyond which we cannot go. These schemes being:

  1. A supernatural God or deity
  2. An existence that spontaneously occurs out of nothing and will in the future spontaneously return to nothing and back again, perpetually
  3. An inherently perpetual or oscillating nature
  4. Cosmic replication by and through life forms and species of life that are members of the universe in question

Such an integrative attitude on cosmogenesis forms reduces or eliminates unnecessary conflict between scientific, philosophical and theological dogmatists.

Ultimately, each cosmos of a multi-verse can have either the same form of Supreme Being or different form of Supreme Being. This truth is more important than any scientific, philosophic or theological authority or dogma. We still understand each universe as having a range of possible creation schemes unless there is definitely enough mass for it to be oscillating. Such a reality has always existed, exists now and will always exist.

Before considering the possible Supreme Being forms of a given universe we will first develop a brief description of our universe which we know to exist. Our cosmos is composed of laws and forces, matter and energy, dark matter and dark energy, space-time and mind/body entities. Our cosmos began in a singularity/explosion known as the Big Bang. It is now expanding and, according to Marcia Bartusiak, based on the mass of the cosmos, will expand forever, halt expansion and remain flat, or become oscillating universe1. An oscillating universe will perpetually manifest from a Big Bang, expand and collapse to a Big Crunch, another Big Bang, and so on forever. (Currently the universe is hyper-expanding. It is speculated that this is caused by dark energy but there is an alternative explanation if the universe ages like a life form and is currently going through a growth spurt and will slow down as it ages in the future.)

Now we will consider the possible Supreme Being forms of our universe and possibly others. The first possible Supreme Being form is a super natural creator or one that is beyond the cosmos. Such a creator is a traditional perspective of the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. That creator would compose the universe like a poet composes a poem. Just as non-causal relationships exist between the elements of a poem;   the elements of the “poetic existence” would relate to each other as the elements of a poem. The words, themes, motifs, and other nuances are not causally related, but exist harmoniously, coincidentally, and simultaneously meaningful as the God-poet intended them to be. The super natural creative intelligence then creates the universe out of nothing and will possibly return it to nothing and back again or perpetuate it forever. Ultimately, a God to universe relationship can take a variety of forms:

  1. God predetermines or pre-composes the universe
  2. God creates the cosmos and intervenes through nature to aid in survival of its life
  3. God creates the universe and then lets it be
  4. God is the spontaneous flowing or unfolding of the cosmos, God is the cosmos
  5. God is immanent within everything and everyone

In order for there to be a need for a supernatural creator the universe must be ever-expanding or flat.

The second possible Supreme Being form is a spontaneous existence—non-existence where the universe spontaneously occurs out of nothing, exists, and will spontaneously return to nothing and repeat the cycle again. This is the cosmogenesis form according to scientific dogma of a self-existing universe. Although it breaks the law of nature that energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed but only change forms. Maybe it is that matter and energy can only be created or destroyed at the beginning and end of existence. The relationship between existence elements is causal where each event and process causes another from the Big Bang to non-existence. In order for there to be a need for spontaneous existence and non-existence, the cosmos must be ever-expanding or flat.

The third possible Supreme Being form is an inherently perpetual nature or existence where the universe oscillates between a Big Bang and a Big Crunch in the form of expansion and contraction phases. In such a scenario, the universe isn’t non-causal nor causal, but inherently perpetual. In the instance of an oscillating universe there is no need for a super natural God, nor spontaneous existence and non-existence, because the universe is perpetual and exists forever.

The fourth and final possible Supreme Being form is paradoxical. Because of the need to survive, short and long term, life forms and species of life which exist at the “end state” of our universe must recreate or replicate that cosmos in order to survive (as well as our survival too). In order for cosmic replication to be necessary, the universe would have to be ever-expanding or flat. If the universe is oscillating then life essentially goes for an existential joy ride of exploration of the universe in the form of discovery and invention and the enjoyment of all life forms and life formations, or the religious experiences of all life forms (to be dealt with in the essay On the Supreme Being Number Two).


In this essay I have explored four different possible cosmogenesis forms or Supreme Beings. Those forms being: a supernatural God, spontaneously perpetual existence and non-existence, an oscillating or perpetual universe, and a cosmos that replicates itself by and trough us and our descendants and life forms and species of life from other planets at the “end-state” of our cosmos. Viewing the Supreme Being forms all inclusively involves intellectual honesty and eliminates unnecessary conflict between isolationist dogmatists. And is in fact a paradigm shift away from the limitations of prejudiced dogmas.

Ultimately, the Supreme Being or cosmogenesis forms may be the same or different for each cosmos. And other Supreme Being forms may be discovered or invented in the future.


  1. Bartusiak, Marcia. 1980. Thursdays Universe. Redmond Washington: Tempus Books.