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Blog Elements


Voluntary editing index solicitation

I chose to put this book on a blog without having it completely edited or having an index because I wanted to share this important information with others as soon as was possible.  If in reading this book you decide you would like to volunteer to edit it or index it and you live in the Des MoinesIowaarea you can reach me at my email address

PO Box

I am not charging a fee to read this book but if you would like to contribute to my teachings of this Wisdom System you can send contributions to Michael Lewis P.O. Box 3041 Des Moines, IA 50316. And also recommend this work in progress to your friends and relatives

A brief description of the Homo sapien sapien species

The Homo sapien sapien as a species is dedicated to nonviolence, happiness and serenity.  This nonviolence is enacted in nonviolent sacrifice on the levels of the individual, national and planetary if necessary.  This species is also based on a balance between short and long term hedonism living in the present and surviving unto the replication of reality.

  Another important aspect of this species is the integration of science, philosophy and religion as equal truth orientations and the integration of the religious experiences of humanity and thereby achieve a state of non-conflict and an end to warful conflict between peoples and nations.


  Welcome to the blog of the Homo sapien sapien species.  A new nonviolent species fit to survive now in the present unto the replication of the cosmos.  As well as the manifestation of  the religious experiences of life in this realm, eternal return, transmigration/reincarnation, eternal before and after life, meditation and the experience of omniscience where all the religious experiences are interdependent ,equally true and meaningful. And where each individual will experience all there is to experience from their own unique perspective.


  The information in this book may not be understandable or comprehensible by people under the age of 19.  Parents should read the book in its entirety and select what aspects they think are appropriate for their children, and help them interpret it ,before letting their children read it in its entirety


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