Racial Unity Black Lives Matter All Lives Matter

Racial Unity: Black Lives Matter All Lives Matter

With all the hatred and violence thru ought the world caused by terrorism and in the United States by police officers murdering or causing to transform black men women and children and recently of black men murdering or causing to transform a number of   police officers in Dallas Texas and Baton Rouge Louisiana. What can we do to cope with this? Humanity had best evolve nonviolently into the Homo sapien sapien species.

Gandhi on non-harming: “Ahimsa [nonviolence} is not the way of the timid or cowardly. It is the way of the brave ready to face death [early transformation of one’s life]. He/she who perishes [transforms] sword in hand is no doubt brave, but he/she who faces death [early transformation of one’s life] without raising his/her little finger or without flinching is braver.”  If all of us became members of an ahimsa force or Homo sapien sapien in training personal and world peace would be achieved.

Such bravery is based on the belief in the religious experiences of all life forms to be dealt with later.

Gandhi on religion: “It is easy to be friendly to ones friends.  But to befriend the one who regards himself/herself as your enemy is the quintessence of true religion.” The religion of the Homo sapien sapien “ Pangnosis” helps achieve this religious goal.

Gandhi on nonviolent sacrifice:   There are many causes for which I would die [transform] for but no cause for which I would kill [cause to transform] for.

Those causes I would transform early for or nonviolently sacrifice for:

God, existence, nature, all selves, each self, myself and Zeno [my name for the universe] etc. please give me the strength and courage to nonviolently sacrifice my life in this realm for:

  1. All of my family members
  2. Teaching and manifesting nonviolence
  3. Stopping nuclear proliferation of weapons and energy
  4. Stop using peoples of different colors as stress release objects
  5. Stop using women as sex objects
  6. Equal rights for gays lesbians and transgender people
  7. Teaching love and compassion on all karmic levels
  8. Cultural diffusion of the Homo sapien sapien species
  9. Basic human rights for all individuals
  10. Freedom of speech, religion, press etc. form the USA constitution
  11. The end or war, genocide, terrorism, homicide, suicide
  12. The end of hatred, anger, depression, fear etc.

Enacting these principles involves spontaneous unconditional acceptance, love and forgiveness on all karmic levels of the individual, family, community, state, national, international and planetary. And unilateral disarmament and demilitarization by all nations and planets.  And the early education of these attitudes to our children from day one.

The Homo sapien sapien perspective:

This philosophy represents a new level of nonviolent sacrifice for change in the world in the form of thinking of humanity as a new nonviolent species I have called the Homo sapien sapien species, or a wise wise species.  I consider myself the first Homo sapien sapien in training. The Homo sapien sapien species is a new nonviolent species that humanity is evolving into.

The goals of that species are: short term survival of life from this planet at this critical point of our evolution from a violent species to a nonviolent species. Intermediate term survival in the exploration of the universe. And long term survival unto the replication of the universe and the manifestation of the religious experiences of all life forms.

Some action steps of the nonviolent species are drawn from “Pangnosis”:

  1. Integration of the religious experiences of all life forms. Those experiences include: life in this realm; eternal recurrence or transfinity of life in this realm where each of us is an immortal god being, laws and forces of nature in and of ourselves, and each of us is worth the universe; transmigration where each of us is each of us in identity interchange and each person experiences all the joys and sufferings of each person, a corollary of which is all black people are all white people and all white people are all black people; transmigration continued in the experience of “everyoneness” or “everyone at once” where our egos evaporate into “total oneness”; transfiguration where we each have eternal before and after life and that we choose our lives before living them, and we exist in total love bliss with everyone we’ve touched lives with in this realm; transcendence where each of us is a breath forever now, the mantra Om forever now and neither this nor that forever now; and omniscience where each of these religious experiences is complimentary, interdependent and equally important and each of us will experience everything there is to experience from our own unique perspective.
  2. Integration of the knowledge forms of science, philosophy, and theology where each form of enquiry is essential in forming complete knowledge of ourselves and the universe.
  3. Achieving unconditional acceptance, love and forgiveness on all karmic levels: the individual, family, community, state, nation, international, planetary, interplanetary and cosmic.
  4. Achieving nonviolent sacrifice on all karmic levels based on belief of the religious experiences mentioned earlier.
  5. Enacting disarmament and demilitarization of all nations and planets.
  6. Achieving peace of mind for everyone and world peace at last.

The only way to cope with the hatred and violence on all karmic levels is to evolve nonviolently as a species into the Homo sapien sapien species   involving immediate disarmament and demilitarization of all nations as well as unconditional acceptance, love and forgiveness toward anyone and any nation or any terrorist group that perpetrates violence anywhere in the world!

Because all lives matter regardless of our skin color, it is time to quit killing each other and behave lovingly, compassionately   and nonviolently towards each other and evolve into a nonviolent species thereby surviving short and long term!