The Homo Sapien Sapien Prayer

This is the Homo Sapien Sapien prayer:

1. I here commune with you my God.

2. I here pray in the name of everyone in every Universe and ask of you my God that I be loving, compassionate, and nonviolent in the bearing of my sufferings and joys that make up the cross which I take up each day.

3. That you benefit all of humanity as I and each of us humans bears the ultimate responsibility of nonviolent sacrifice if necessary.

4. My God help me to imagine my relationship with you in your many creative genres:

a. The Universe spontaneously self-exnihilates, and will self-annihilate in the future; then re-exnihilates, exists, and re-annihilates again and so on for eternity. 

b. A supernatural God creates reality then destroys it recreates it again and so on ad infinitum or for eternity.

Some other supernatural God genres are:

c. God predetermines all of reality.

d. God creates reality and intervenes on life producing planets to aid in survival of its life.

e. God creates reality and then lets it be.

f. God is the spontaneous flowing or unfolding of reality, God is reality.

g. God is within everyone and everybody.

h. God creates the Universe then individual life forms and species of life recreate the Universe in order to survive short and long term [we are created in Gods image].

i. Another alternative where reality itself is supernatural is an oscillating Universe or perpetual existence that ever or forever exists.

j. Finally on a perspective that completes the possible stances on creation alternatives is where such questions and answers regarding the origin and fates of reality are illusory, irrelevant, and may be harmful if one considers them  to be sacred.

  My God help me imagine, understand, and contemplate your religious experiences of forgiveness and non-condemnation and mortality, transfinity, transmigration, transfiguration, and transcendence (mtttt). (see the Metaphysical Awakening Book)

God help me achieve these positive effects on my self style and life style:

1. Motivate me to achieve positive and meaningful activities and relationships throughout each day and throughout my life.

2. Grant me the ability to cope with stressors and suffering through contemplating the religious experiences and transfigurational attitudes (see the Metaphysical Awakening Book) , as well as through prayer, meditation, and physical exercise.

3. Grant me personal happiness and joy in living.

4. Grant me the awareness of mines and everyone’s forgiveness via the Homo Sapien Sapien (HSS) wisdom system.

5. Please help me to maintain a nonjudgmental and non-condemnational attitude toward myself and others.

6. Grant transfiguration or eternal before/after life for myself and others.

7. Grant the attainment of all the religious experiences to myself and everyone.

8. Grant peace of mind and world peace for everyone through the attainment of the new heaven and new earth reality and experiential perspective.

9. Grant your devoted affection and benevolence for my ‘enemies’ and the ability for myself and everyone to love them on the individual and the national levels.

Please grant me the ability to:

1. Serve you and existence.

2. Serve all life forms and species as well as all life on our planet.

3. Serve my family and myself.

  God please work through me and all others to achieve personal/national peace for everyone and the strength, determination, and will to create the new heaven new earth reality and experiential perspective wherever we go.

  God please motivate me and everyone to live and contribute to life’s improvement here on earth in the form of longevity and quality of life for every life form through the practice of the HSS wisdom system in our lives.

  God please motivate me and everyone to evolve towards the HSS species on the individual and collective levels and enjoy life in all its formations through the manifestation of the religious experiences of humanistic beliefs and mtttt.

  God, for today help me to be a fully functioning Homo Sapien (HS) or a practicing HSS.

  God please evolve we humans from living according to a primarily animalistic wisdom system towards a primarily civilized wisdom system through cognitions, emotions, dreams, fantasies, speech, behaviors, belief systems and world view (cedfsb bs wv) engineering and the enactment of personal/national nonviolence including the new heaven new earth reality and perspective.

  God please help us [life on earth] that we may achieve personal/national nonviolence now in the form of conflict resolution and prevention of war, genocide, terrorism, homicide, and suicide.  As well as any form of intentional mental, physical, or spiritual harm of anyone and any nation through cedfsb bs wv of non-criticalness, non-judging, and non-condemnation etc…of any individual and nation; and through cedfsb bs wv of acceptance, love, compassion etc… for any individual and nation; where we recognize any reason to hate anyone/nation as being animalistic, uncivilized, unwise, and unnecessary.

God please give your blessing and forgiveness to:

1. Myself, my family, friends, and ‘enemies’

2. All life forms and species of life deceased, living, and yet to live.

  God please grant personal peace of mind, body, and spirit for everyone regardless of their differences and world peace for every nation and planet.


I now pray spontaneously.


These things I ask in the name of everybody and everyone in every Universe; thank you God, existence, nature, and myself for hearing my prayers. May the things I pray for be.


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