The Homo Sapien Sapien Stance on Abortion and Other Realated Issues

The Homo Sapien Sapien Stance on Abortion

The Homo Sapien Sapien nonviolent ethic is “it is better to transform than to cause another to transform, and it is better to endure suffering than to cause another to suffer.”

It is also a Homo Sapien Sapien ethic that life begins at conception not at birth.

A fertilized egg, fetus or embryo has a right to be born and a right to live.

Abortion is the act of causing to suffer and transform a life form before it is born or while it is still in the mother’s womb.

According to the Homo Sapien Sapien ethic it is unethical to abort a fertilized egg and beyond while inside the mother’s womb as it is unethical to cause to transform a life form after it is born.

If you mistakenly believe that life begins at birth then the inter-womb life form is no more than a potato and can ethically be torn to pieces and thrown in the garbage.

It is a Homo Sapien Sapien belief that all embryos and life beyond are sacred. Therefore the act of abortion is a violent act perpetrated by a woman and her physician to cause a life form to suffer and transform while in the womb. In order that a mother does not have to handle her responsibility for her sexual act: nurturing a life form.

I would not have wanted my mother to abort me and I assume you would not have wanted your mother to abort you unless you are currently suicidal.

What if God or another form of cosmogenesis chose to abort our universe. Would you have wanted this?  I wouldn’t have. Partly because we are all worth the universe, we are all laws and forces of nature in and of ourselves, and we are all sacred life forms.

If a woman doesn’t want to conceive and give birth to a baby then she shouldn’t have unprotected sexual intercourse with her husband, cohabitant or in an adulterous affair which is also unethical.

If a mother would put herself in danger or sacrifice her life for her newly born infant why not do the same for a newly fertilized egg. How is an in-womb life form not as meaningful as a newly born infant?

Presently a woman has a constitutional right to have an abortion because it is her “own body”. However, this is a mistaken belief. Actually, she has a body (and soul) within her body. With a separate identity form her, inside her, and that life form is sacred and has a right to be born and to live a life.

No matter how the life form is conceived. I don’t want any women seeking an abortion to have to risk her life obtaining one in a back alley. Such a woman should have access to a doctor and a safe procedure. More so, I don’t want any women to abort a life form for any reason including rape and incest which I will discuss later in this essay.

Another aspect of the Homo Sapien Sapien nonviolent ethic is that no one should be punished or damned for mistakes or misdeeds they cause. Thus I do not believe that a women or her physician should be punished for aborting a fetus. Not only because they have a legal right to cause an abortion but because I hold the nonviolent ethic of non-condemnation on the part of myself and the God I believe in.

As with anyone else we can unconditionally accept, love and forgive them  because they act out of ignorance, delusion, and a misguided conscience when they cause a sacred life form to suffer and transform while in the womb.

If a child or teenager becomes pregnant through rape or an incestuous relationship that individual needs to be removed from the dysfunctional relationship and receive therapy. And ethically give birth to the sacred life form inside her giving the child up for adoption if she so chooses.

If a woman is raped and becomes pregnant she had best receive counseling and give birth to the sacred life form within her giving the child up for adoption if she so chooses.

If a woman has difficulty in conceiving and chooses in-vitro fertilization as a means to do so she and her doctor can ethically do the procedure using one or a few fertilized eggs rather than throwing unused fertilized eggs in the garbage.

Embryonic stem cell usage for research or growing organs is violent . This does not mean that other nonviolent technologies cannot be found in the future.

Genetic engineering may be ethical provided it is based on the principle of nonviolence and does not cause a life form to suffer or transform.

Compared to the beginning of ones’ life the end of ones’ life is different. It is a Homo Sapien Sapien ethic that one should be able to transform with dignity. If an individual is suffering or deteriorating and can see no end to it they should be able to legally transform by their own hand or by the hand of a physician if they cannot perform the procedure themselves. Thereby achieving the other meaningful experiences beyond life in this realm.

Physical suffering is different from emotional suffering which can be coped with through changing ones situation or gracefully accepting and tolerating it.

Eventually if our species survives the future of science and medicine will be able to nonviolently eliminate the disease and disorders etc. that can cause people to suffer physically and emotionally bringing an end to abortion and euthanasia as we achieve a nonviolent species.



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