Healing From the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy Through Nonviolence

Healing From the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy Through Nonviolence

A Homo Sapien Sapien Perspective of Love and Compassion


Michael Wayne Lewis

“May the Love which overcomes all differences,

which heals all wounds,

which puts to flight all fears,

which recognizes all who are separated,

be in us and among us

now and always.”

Frederick E. Gillis

The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School was not only a community tragedy and a national tragedy but was a global tragedy as exemplified by the outpouring of grief and concern displayed throughout the world.

I like so many others experience deep sadness and anger in response to this horrendous act of violence. Writing this Homo Sapien Sapien perspective is in part for healing my own suffering and will hopefully  help others to heal including the relatives and friends of the victims.

My first point is that we had best realize that our attitudes and belief systems about this and any other senseless tragedy are related to our survival as a species.  If we can’t unconditionally accept, love, forgive and act nonviolently toward  Adam Lanza [and other such people] than we as a species will not be able to survive short and long term.

From the perspective of life in this realm: In this realm the causes of a persons will are determined in part by ones psyche, culture, society and intermingling personal to planetary history.  There are many elements to consider about why Adam Lanza murdered his mother, 20 children and 6 adults.  Regardless of whether or not he was legally sane it is our duty as nonviolent humans to unconditionally accept him,  his victims and the reality of the situation without condemning him or reality. If we can’t do this we will not be able to survive through this critical junction of our evolution as a nonviolent species.

If he had not murdered himself we would incarcerate him for life without ability to be rehabilitated not to punish him but to protect other potential victims from him.

From the perspective of a transfinite life: In a transfinite universe each victim and the perpetrator of this violence will never be forgotten in the mind of God, existence, nature, all selves and each self.  We had best remember that in spite of the victims short existence in this realm that each one will exist transfinitely in this universe and will, when their time rolls around again, incarnate in this same universe again.

It is better to not dwell on the fact that they transformed too early and under horrific circumstances rather we can celebrate that their presence in the cosmos and their non violent  sacrifice will help humanity and life evolve positively unto the replication of the cosmos and the other life formations or religious experiences  beyond life in this realm.

With the religious experiences of anyoneness or identity interpenetration Lanza  will directly experience all the suffering he caused for each victim, their families, friends and everyone else who suffered because of this reprehensible act; for an infinite number of times each, and for an infinite amount of time.  Also each victim will directly experience the life of Adam Lanza.

With the religious experience of everyoneness or total oneness  the integration of each individual to one another and to the cosmos totally transcends suffering and enjoyment  in a state of total love bliss. Trough this experience the victims transcend the  suffering of this tragic event and exist in total love bliss with their murderer.

Belief in this existential  form of justice is both fair and equitable and is directly related to our survival as a species.

Through the religious experience of transfiguration or eternal before and after life we gain an understanding of how God lets evil or suffering exist in this realm.

Because each life of each individual is chosen in its entirety before existing as a life in this realm everyone from each child, Gandhi, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Adam Lanza, Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler all descended from heaven and will ascend back to heaven with complete love and forgiveness in the form of universal salvation.  Thus each child, the school employees and Nancy Lanza volunteered in heaven to make this great nonviolent  sacrifice to positively evolve life on our planet and in this realm.  We had best be grateful and appreciative for this sacrifice by cultivating nonviolence in our lives and on all levels of human interaction.

Partly based on the experience of universal love, forgiveness and compassion our loving cognitions, emotions, dreams, fantasies, speech, behaviors, belief systems and world views  will enable us to survive and find meaning in life as a species in the present and future.

With the religious (un)experience of the mantra Om every who, what, when, where, why and how are Om.  Every identity on all karmic levels are Om. Through concentration on Om we transcend all suffering and enjoyment to (un)achieve a state of serenity, peace and eternal love bliss forever now. Through this practice the victims do not suffer.

The final religious experience to consider is that of omniscience: all the religious experiences taken together help us to enjoy life, cope with tragedy and positively evolve karma on all karmic levels bringing the ever-positively increasing unfolding of the universe.  Every individual will experience everything there is to experience from their own unique perspective. Every identity is equally important in existence in positively evolving each identity in this universe no matter how evil or good, violent or nonviolent each being is. Based on this unconditional acceptance, love, forgiveness, compassion and nonviolent sacrifice we evolve ever more positively as the cosmos evolves from more suffering to more enjoyment.

It is our duty as individuals, communities, states, nations and as a planet to heal negative karma and create positive karma on all these karmic levels through nonviolent sacrifice when needed.

The only way for our species and life on our planet to survive and find meaning in life in the short and long term is to love, forgive, be compassionate and nonviolent  toward anyone no matter what and no matter how unloving, unforgiving , uncompassionate and violent  any individual may be.

The only proper appreciation of the sacrifices made by these innocent victims and nonviolent angels is to disarm all weapons and demilitarize on all levels of human interaction. And base our cognitions, emotions, dreams, fantasies, speech, behaviors, belief systems and world views on unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and nonviolence on all levels of human interaction.

Through our coping with every human tragedy and positive life moments through love maybe our seeds of nonviolent love will survive to replicate the universe and the other religious experiences  at the end of time.

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