On My Personal Deity

On My Personal Deity


Michael Wayne Lewis


My personal deity can be viewed as a supernatural entity, supreme being, or an ultimate reality.

My personal deity potentially manifests and is the supernatural creator of myself, my loved ones, and all selves as well as the cosmos, and the religious experiences of life in this realm, transfinity, transmigration, transfiguration, transcendence, and omniscience, and all of reality including other cosmos and other possible religious experiences.

My deity unconditionally loves and forgives every being in all of reality and all of reality itself, thereby making it possible for each of us to do the same.

I converse with my deity through prayer and ask of that supreme reality to motivate me and all others to achieve positive and nonviolent cognitions, emotions, dreams, fantasies, speech, behaviors, belief systems, and worldviews.  And give thanks and blessings for myself, my loved ones, friends, and enemies (though I have no enemies), all nations on our planet, all planets, and each cosmos. And that what I pray for may be thereby creating both a positive mind set in myself and hopefully a positive reality set.

In communicating with my deity, I speak to that deity through prayer, listen to the response from that being through meditation.  I understand the communication with that being through contemplating the religious experiences, transfigurational attitudes, and the nonviolent code.  And I express the meanings of that supreme identity through sharing nonviolence, happiness, serenity and love and forgiveness with all and for all.

My personal God is not sacred to me and is a possible form of cosmogenesis.  Only life, species of life, life forms, and the life formations are sacred to me, as well as to my personal deity.

In my theological speculations I ask myself, “is my personal deity the one true God, supreme being or ultimate reality to the exclusion of all others?”  Only time will tell as the universe unfolds as to whose perspective will correspond to reality.  However I do boycott anyone’s personal deity which is violent, vengeful, jealous and negatively judges its creations.  And who doesn’t consider each life form as equally sacred and innocent and instead damns and punishes its creations for weaknesses we all share in one form or another.

Every individual person has their own unique image of a personal deity as a supernatural creator, supreme being, or ultimate reality whether they recognize this fact or not.  One example is the atheistic perspective that denies belief in a supernatural creator but believes in a self-creating or self-existing universe as an ultimate reality.  Neither of these perspectives, supernatural creator or self-creating universe, is necessarily true to the exclusion of all others.  In all honesty we must accept them both as possible truths not as absolute truths.

Another example is the belief system of communism that the ultimate reality or supreme being is not a cosmogenesis form but is the communist political economic form.  This is a limited political economic dogma in that it excludes capitalism and democracy as alternative forms and in fact are to be violently eliminated by the communist movement.  But all these forms are equally meaningful political economic forms. In fact a hybrid form of democracy, capitalism, and socialism is the most functional economic system of all.

Another aspect of my ultimate reality is the attainment of: nonviolence, happiness, and serenity on all karmic levels of: the individual, familial, community, state, national, planetary, interplanetary, cosmic and inter-cosmic, and the manifestation of the religious experiences, transfigurational attitudes and the nonviolent code of the Homo Sapien Sapien system.

My personal deity may intervene on earth and other life producing planets, for life’s short term survival and meaningfulness and in the long term survival of that life through replication of the cosmos and the manifestation of the religious experiences.  But my God does this intervention through the laws and forces of nature, not by negating or suspending those laws and forces.  Some examples of lawful intervention are advances in medicine, pharmaceuticals, construction techniques and the Homo Sapien Sapien wisdom system.

My deity may also be understood as the exercise of the mind/brain activities of:

1. knowledge

2. imagination


4. creative intelligence

5. truth

6. and most important of all: life, species of life, life forms and life formations

Through communicating with my God, the appreciation of all life and their formations or religious experiences, my deity guides us to do what is necessary to survive short and long term.  And achieve meaningfulness for all life forms.

My personal deity, as well as myself and other Homo Sapien Sapiens in training, appreciate equally all life, all species of life, all life forms, all life formations, all people, all nations on all planets, and all cosmos’ in all of reality, and all of reality.

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