A Brief Homo Sapien Sapien Prayer

A brief  Homo sapien sapien prayer

This prayer is based upon the belief that the life of each life form is sacred and that the quality of life of each life form is equally sacred

I pray to God, existence, nature, all selves, each self, myself and Zeno (my name for the universe)

I thank each of these possible cosmogenesis forms for the positive aspects and blessings they offer myself and others

Please unconditionally accept, love, forgive and be compassionate toward myself and everyone in terms of the religious experiences of life in this realm, transfinity of life in this realm, transmigration, transfiguration, transcendence, and their integration in omniscience. Manifesting a positive quality of life for each life form

Help fulfill our needs, desires, goals and preferences. And help all of us take on Christ and Buddha responsibilities of  unconditional acceptance, love, forgiveness  and compassion toward every life form we encounter in living our individual lives

Please help us evolve nonviolently on all karmic levels of self, family, community, state, nation and planetary

Help actualize the benefit and welfare of our planet to evolve nonviolently

May I assist in the nonviolent evolution of our planet through writing, speaking, and teaching in the form of Universe University and Evolution Revolution

May the nonviolent t will of God, existence, nature, all selves, each self, myself and Zeno be manifest

I ask all this in the name of everyone in every universe and every universe



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