The Ethical Life

On the Ethical Life


Michael Wayne Lewis

This is an essay I recently shared on the Philosophy Now Magazine Forum

The ethical life, good life, or positive life is a life of nonviolence. Where we strive to actualize the potential of all life, every life form, species of life and the combined life formations or religious experiences of life in this realm, eternal recurrence of life in this realm (transfinity), reincarnation (transmigration), salvation (transfiguration), meditation (transcendence) and the integration of these religious experiences (omniscience). And that life alone is considered sacred beginning at conception yet involving death with dignity.

The good life involves the unconditional acceptance, love and forgiveness of all people and nations. Where every individual is of equal importance and every nation is of equal importance. And we had best evolve nonviolently on all karmic levels of the individual, family, community, state, nation, planet, and cosmic. In order to survive short and long term as life from our planet unto cosmic replication.

The good life on the level of humanity involves the practice of nonviolent cognitions, emotions, dreams, fantasies, speech, behavior, belief systems and worldviews.

The good life on the level of humanity also involves nonviolent psyches, cultures, societies, histories and future-stories.

The good life involves the educating of “psycheometry”:

Kindergarten and beyond:

  1. Prayer
  2. Meditation
  3. Contemplation of transfigurational attitudes (found on my blog)
  4. Practice of the religious experiences of transfiguration and transcendence
  5. Practice of the rational self-statements of REBT developed by Dr. Albert Ellis

As a teenager practice of the religious experience of “everyoneness” where each of us is everyone at once or experiences total oneness.

As a senior in high school practice of the religious experience of “anyoneness” where anyone is anyone or each of us is each of us.

Eighteen to nineteen years of age introduce the concept of infinite time, eternal recurrence (transfinity) and the entire Homo sapien sapien wisdom system. Published on my blog:

The good life involves nonviolence on all karmic levels

The good life involves nonviolent sacrifice on all karmic levels when necessary.

The good life involves the integrated and non-conflictual knowledge forms of science, philosophy, theology and the religious experiences.

The good life also involves, in order to survive short and long term, and to actualize our potential as life forms, the replication of the cosmos and the manifestation of the life formations or religious experiences.

To do this requires a democratic cosmos

The good life also involves achieving total humanness through practicing the rituals of prayer, meditation, contemplation, physical exercise and healthy eating habits.

And ultimately the evolution of the Homo sapien sapien species; a new nonviolent species: metamorphoses thrive.


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